South America

I brought my Copic Multiliner pens into work, which explains the lower contrast because the ink is different, but I can get finer lines.

I want to go to South America at some point. I used a picture of South America as a reference for what sort of plants to draw, which ended up being mostly ferns. I had an idea to draw my manager in the cubicle sitting on the edge looking up because she wants to travel and she doesn't seem too happy working in an office, but I think the million other post-it's I gave her probably is enough. And she didn't mention wanting to go to South America anyway, so that would be a projection of myself.

For me though, I guess it shows where my mind's at when I'm in my little cube world, walled off from everyone else.

This looks more detailed in person, but zoomed in it really looks very messy. I'm not happy about the messiness of my lines.