Styrofoam Snowman

I get these little styrofoam balls in some of the envelopes I open. I'm not sure what they're for exactly but I save them up to do stuff with, like this. This is my second snowman.

The body is three styrofoam balls, with some sharpie dots for eyes, a mouth, and three buttons on the torso. The nose is a cut-off end of an orange paper clip. The hat I made with a piece of the box of green tea in my drawer, cut out, wrapped around a pen, taped, glued and sharpied up. The scarf is from a giant, blue rubber band. I had to hold the fold-over with a staple. The arms are a gold paperclip, which was difficult to let go of because that's only the second gold paperclip I've found since working here, but it went to good use. Then the whole body is held together by a big paperclip folded over to double as a stand.

I put it on Cheryl's desk.