I Love You

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The tiredness goes away after a while if you sit through it.

The world continues to build itself toward a utopic vision. It desires the perfection of itself. Different groups have different ideas of what an ideal society would look like though, so they debate and war with one another. Ironically the desire and goal of perfection is the very thing which generates a chaotic world, but who knows what a perfect society would actually function like? Regardless, we all seem to assume self-preserving values such as the advancement of technology, private property and high self-esteem.

I have a hard time following this. I can't quite identify a self to preserve, nor see anything within myself which is depraved and in need of fixing by some perfected society. Instead what I see is distraction from reality. I feel pulled to compete and survive in the world for no reason other than a fear of death and suffering. I'm free from all this though. Not that death and suffering aren't real things but I'm not bound by them. I'm not a thing which dies and suffers. I am only the giving up of myself. I am the death of myself. I am the movement of myself into all things, a gift. I am love.

This is where I stand politically. There is no perfect society to work towards. We were made from perfection and we do not belong in a world which assumes the opposite. We don't need to kill, steal or destroy. Voting will not save us. If, though, we would rest into ourselves, deal with our own problems, confess our own sins, we might begin to find love itself naturally welling up inside of us. Then as beings of love we might be able to exist peacefully within our present circumstances instead of as beings of stress trying to fix ourselves with a government that can only be fixed by the individual through inward contemplation.

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