Interesting.. What exactly is the goal of politics? What is the basis of debating? Is it not all for the formation of the perfect society? But society is only possible through the communion of individuals. So what about love? Isn't love that foundation for any perfect society to even exist? What happened to love?

Love is the solution to every social problem. Love respects the individual and their freedom. Love generates genuine, natural community, sharing and taking care of one another. To love is to be one's natural self, free of need and want. Love is easy for the one who has been freed from fear and addiction. Love is the culmination of reason. It's the only thing that makes any sense.

The world though has no faith. Society for us has been built on a lack of trust in one another. We share by being taxed. We obtain our freedoms through legislation. We are not loved, so we do not love. Everyone who dedicates themselves to the pursuit of wealth, reputation, strength, and security loses everything upon death and leaves behind an endless string of suffering caused by taking advantage of other's weaknesses. We suffer because we create suffering. We die because we kill one another.

In all our political reasoning we do not consider the direct, present experience. We have no respect for what it means to be human. We sell our souls to the fools who say in their heart, "There is no God." What is God but reality itself, truth itself? So in living for the world we commit ourselves to a path of perpetual dissatisfaction. We think if only we vote in the right leader, if only we pass the right laws, if only we handle taxation the right way we will save ourselves.

Here's the funny thing: It's irrelevant what sort of society we live in if there is love. If we love, we will gladly distribute our wealth. If we love we will educate one another. If we love we will take care of one another. In love, society is built from the bottom up. What is demanded of us by our governments should not matter if the goal is perfection in communion, and the demands which violate love will not have power over those who love, because those that love are those that have already passed through death in faith.

The world is unreasonable. The world does not love. Bring us a ruler who dies for us and then we will be moving in the right direction.

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