The Body

25 min.

Relax the body, relax the mind. Feed the body, feed the mind. Shut off the body, shut off the mind.

There's two things going on at once. I'm thinking in ideas and concepts. This is primarily where my focus has been for some time now. I'm experiencing feelings and emotions and sensations. I was more aware of this when I was a kid.

To talk in terms of ideas can be more precise and articulate, but to try and describe experience itself demands poetry, art, metaphor and allegory. It's the speechlessness of living. It generates unique imagery. It plays with language but isn't bound by it because it's not born of language as are ideas.

I felt free. I felt that everything was in its place, freed from my control, yet to be aware of this I also felt that I was in my place, as space accepting sensory experience as well as thoughts. Everything is at it is, and my connection with it brought about the ability to adapt immediately to the circumstance and so gain an understanding of what action to take next. Clearly I am not able to evolve as long as I'm unaware of my body.

What if religion wasn't ever ideological? What if it's always been description of direct experience and is about cultivating an awareness of one's self in relation to their environment? It wouldn't then be about intellectually agreeing with a set of ideas, but about gaining an understanding into reality right in front of us through poetic explanation of the speechless. To know God is to know myself, what I am and understand my place in the cosmos.

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