The Voices in My Head

Can anyone stop thinking? Why is it that thoughts continue to narrate everything? When I write sometimes I think I don't have anything of any real value to say. Why? Where does that come from? Is that a genuine, honest and reasonable analysis or is that a faithless overreaction?

I don't believe that I am thoughts or that I own thoughts. Why should I think that? Instead, each thought is its own character. It's a voice in my head speaking directly into the inner stillness. Each voice is worth considering as well as questioning. No voice can be trusted right away. This becomes more clear when there are multiple lines of reasoning going on at once. There might be an encouraging voice followed by a discouraging one and back and forth like that. They can just be two different perspectives on the same thing though.

Identifying with thoughts generates an idea of myself that is most likely far from reality, especially if it's something subjective like a judgment. I've noticed there are topics which have opposing sides but each side is persuasive when presented in a certain way. It makes me wonder if it has anything to do with truth and more to do with just which voices one listens to. And if a voice has the power to generate extreme behavior, pleasant or unpleasant, perhaps we are possessed by something other than ourselves.

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